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{ :iconenchanting-beauty: }
This is Zhenji. She's a princess. You felt stupid for not knowing that and acting so dumb around her. Well, you think she's good looking and you like her personality and overall how she is. Apparently she was traveling somewhere and ended up in that odd town just like you. So you two are currently going to be traveling together. You seem to get a bit flustered on the inside when she's around you. Weird isn't it?

{ Close Friends }

{ :icononlyonesimplewish: }
This is Rui. She died in a hit and run incident during freshman year, also the time when you had became a half demon. This year, during Senior Year, you encountered her, only to find out she was a ghost now, not being able to depart from this world and to the better place. But then you found out that she missed being alive. You promised her that you would find a way to revive her, even if it kills you.

{ Friends }

{ :iconpurple-kab: }
This is Kab. He was a transfer at your school. You had to hep him with getting away from the fangirls. God it was scary. Whatever. At least he's still alive- ahem. Er anyways, you two became friends. You just met his mom. You'd never seen or even befriended a neko before. Huh, you wonder how life would go as your amount of friends increase. Anyways, he's a pretty fast learner, and pretty kind as well, despite his shyness.

{ :iconask-icarus: }
This is Icarus. You met him at school when he had transferred here. The first person the guy met was probably you really, since you do sit next to him during homeroom. He watched you curse at the floor for about maybe a split second- a-ahem, anyways, you guys became friends pretty easily. Overall this guy's a pretty cool guy to hang around with. You hope to get to know him better, since he seems to be a bit more, 'different' than the other people you've met so far.

This is Ahiru. You met her in school. She seems like a kind person overall. You find her to be different than others. She seemed to not mind the notes that were thrown at her in class, even when the notes had perverted pick up lines on them. You hope she'll have a nice time at your school and that you two could stay friends.

{ Neutral }

{ :icondarknintencreator: }
This is Runa. Well, that's the name you gave her anyway. She's an angel. You thought you'd be dead by now, since you had that thought of angels and demons being sworn enemies. Welp, this sure changed your way of thinking. Anyways, you are currently hiding in your house with her since the hunters may come after not just you but both of you. You have no intentions of someone who wasn't involved in this before get involved all of a sudden. Maybe you two will bond a friendship. Who knows.

{ Hated/Enemies }


You're screwed if you're here.

{ Ask to be Added Once Met }


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|Kayuno Ochihara|18|Senior Year|Half-Demon|6'1"|

Kayuno lived a normal life, everything went well, good grades, good lifestyle, good shelter, all that stuff. Until that day...... It was a nice day, his first day in high school. Everything went well so far, except, there was something, odd... During the end of the day, he noticed some type of ash on his desk. He wiped it off, soon it revealed some writing. WHO'S DEAD? That's all it had said. He thought this was probably just a prank. Disregarding the message, he left school grounds, heading to the bus stop. As he got onto the bus it felt, cold. It was quiet. Too quiet. An odd smell started to come around. Blood. He looked around, soon hesitantly looking up. He gasped and panicked, noticing a girl, hanging onto the ceiling, knife wounds and bullets all over her. It was a horrifying sight. He shook his head, quickly running out of the bus and running back home. When he had gotten home, no one was there. Or so he thought. As he started to walk around he heard a a scream coming from his parents' room. Concerned, he ran up, smashing their door open. He soon witnessed his dad, stabbing his mother to death. He fell to his knees, his hands on his head. He let out a scream. That's when it happened. A wing ripped out from his back, his hand mutated into a claw-like hand. Half of his face forming a half mask-like form. His eye turning to a crimson blue. Right then, he went out of control, slashing his father until he was dead. He went on a rampage, ending up tearing his father's dead corpse until it was nothing left. The next morning he woke up in the wrecked, blood stained house. That's when he knew that note wasn't a prank. Ever since this incident, he had been regretting the day he was born, regretting to ever have any existence in this universe. But he just tries his best to shake this past off now, trying to keep him calm, not wanting to go onto his rampage mode again.

Additional Info!

-His original haircolor was brown, but because of the incident, it had changed to black. He usually just says he dyed his hair as an excuse.

-Whenever he goes onto demon-mode he will barely remember anything of what had happened during that time.

- He refers himself as the straightest person on Earth when people ask about his sexuality. Eventhoughhe'sreallybisexual. //hit

-When in Demon mode, he isn't necessarily in his rampage mode. This basically means that he's able to have control over this, except lacks enough power to control his rampage mode.

- I imagine his voice to sound like 野島 健児 ( voice actor of 高城 大和 (タカシロ ヤマト)… )

RP Info!

-I will rp with mains.

-I don't rp with mary sues or gary stus.

-When I start an rp with someone, I'll usually ask them if they want Human!Kayuno or Demon!Kayuno before we start.

- If you would like to rp with me and can't think of a starter just comment on my profile and I'll happily start it!

[[ and yes I know crimson is a red okay but my cousin kept bugging me about it and how it should be blue instead so yeah-- ;; I would have used words like cerulean, ice, cold, harsh, deep, and frigid or something- ]]

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